Maritime Weathered Grey Armstrong Flooring

Over 25,000 Square Feet in Stock in Las Vegas, NV!

Heritage Distribution has the best variety of flooring in Las Vegas. In fact, we have over 25,000 sq.ft. of Pryzm Maritime Weathered Grey in stock in Las Vegas! This flooring is a 100% waterproof  luxury vinyl. Pryzm is a rigid core hybrid flooring. It lives up to its name and can withstand the tests of time and still look beautiful. These floors stand up to the toughest challenges, including heavy appliances like your refrigerator or oven, or your 4 legged family members. Stop by our showroom to see it in person! 

Waterproof Vinyl is Great for Kitchens and Bathrooms!

Armstrong 100% waterproof flooring is great for kitchens and baths or anywhere that spills and stains are likely to occur. This flooring effortlessly defeats spills and stains. These planks will not buckle, swell or lose integrity when exposed to water.

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